4. The best places in the world for shopping

Presently, many girls are shipped on shopping outward. It is necessary to tell that exactly thanks to these women of fashion, we had an opportunity to allocate several countries and the cities which can actual be absolute for all. It is necessary to understand that criteria of the choice are rather low cost of goods, and their huge number. It is desirable that in the city there were many boutiques, or shops with clothes. You don’t want to fly for thousands of kilometers, only to get to some fashionable boutique. And so, pay attention that the first city is . All the matter is that this city is the capital of fashion in . In this city it is full of fashionable boutiques and shops where you can find excellent dresses. And, in each of shops there are discounts and sales. Therefore, think that this city at you has to be the first in the list.

In Italy, practically each city wanders the capital of fashion, but actually, girls allocated for themselves . Probably, it is connected with the fact that in most cases, girls go not only on shopping, but also on the vacation. That is, they want to see any peculiar beauty of the cities and countries. And so, in there is everything that it is necessary for you. One more interesting city is . Imagine that even in it is possible to buy fashionable dresses. For some reason, all forget about this continent. Perhaps, it is connected with the fact that the most part of the territory of the island are deserts where there are neither people, nor animals, nor even plants.

By the way, recently, many people go to have a rest to the Thai islands. And so, you remember that you will be able to find the mass of interesting shops in Bangkok too. The only thing that this city so big that in it it is easily possible to be lost. For this reason, try to hike not, and by a taxi, or the leased car. If you got lost, then look for the person who will be able to bring you at least to the road where you could catch a taxi. By the way, on foggy Albion there are too fashionable boutiques which are in London. Believe that in these regions it is possible to arrange shopping too.