Trip ideas

Trip ideas

Look for new ideas for the travel? Interesting ideas for travel: what places to visit in America what sights to see in Europe what to do in Africa, where to visit Asia. The best ideas for trips, travel and tourism.

Holidays on the Maldives

This island country is located in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives is famous for white sand beaches, crystal clear water, breathtaking marine creatures, and stunning views of nature and ocean. Choose these heavenly islands...


Hawaii is well-known for breathtaking natural beauty, warm tropical climate, active volcanoes, fresh floral air, splendid beaches, and cultural sites. All of mentioned things make Hawaii famous place for vacationers, surfers, volcanologists, and biologists....

Top 5 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Our planet has plenty of virgin places where no man has entered. However, the major part of its surface has been discovered successfully. Let’s find out the most stunning places on it and make...

What to see in Florence

This amazing city is located in the center of the country, in the Province of Tuscany. The city gained wide fame already at the time of Renaissance. Florence presented to the world thousands work...

Tourist routes of Holland

Of course, all tourist routes of Holland begin with Amsterdam. He personifies that spirit of freedom and liberalism of which all Dutches so are proud. There is no street of red lamps in which...

3 Hotels of the Island of Crete That Are Perfect for Solo Travelers

The best hotels of the island of Crete – the most unforgettable rest! Long since Greece attracts tourists from around the world with the delightful landscapes. The island of Crete offering to travelers incredibly magnificent...

Falls Shtaubbakh as one of the most interesting places of Switzerland

In Europe of really big falls not and there is a lot of. However Shtaubbakh that in Switzerland, it is quite high and water directs from height about 300 meters down. Because of it...

Culture of ancient China

The saved ancient written sources allow to track formation of Ancient Chinese culture rather accurately today. And some scientists consider that China is the only country which could save the cultural values most fully. Samples...

10 Best New Boutiques for Shopping

The best places in the world for shopping Presently, many girls are shipped on shopping outward. It is necessary to tell that exactly thanks to these women of fashion, we had an opportunity to allocate...

Top Reasons to Go to Barcelona

9 best free sights of Barcelona Barcelona is one of the most favourite and visited cities in the world! Millions of people annually meet its 2000-year history, go shopping on brisk streets, walking among magnificent...

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Lavender fields. To see and to fall in love

The charm of Provence is filled with lavender fields, veil with the gentle beauty from mid June and until the end of August. The Lavender...

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