My travel

My travel

Stories about my travel, with photo illustrations. Photoreports on visits of the countries, baggage of personal impressions of these places and useful recommendations as it is better to organize independent rest. Announcements and information on last and future travel.


Travel to Greece

Greece country of antique gods and famous heroes. Unprecedented quantity of monuments of architecture, sights of antiquity and magnificent beaches I do Greece to one of the most popular countries at tourists from around...
Sequoia National Park: the place where you feel the power of nature

Sequoia National Park: the place where you feel the power of nature!

“This National Park – is the best idea anyone ever had in history. It’s absolutely democratic, absolutely American. It reflects the best we have and the whole nation has!” wrote Walles Stegner

Several interesting corners of Sicily

The island which is in "the center of the world" between three parts of the world (Europe, Asia and Africa) and three seas (Mediterranean, Ionic and Tirrensky). Not without reason one of favourite local...
Antelope Canyon

The Antelope Canyon: when nature makes magic

If there’s one mystery, the enigmatic magic of nature, then it has been pictured here, in the Antelope Canyon. Red walls have become the shelter for the sun rays playing around up and down...
Grand Canyon

5 Unique Ways to See the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon – park which accepts every year in stone-green embraces more than 4 000 000 tourists from everything to the world and opens before you beauty of the nature and soft shine of...

Top Reasons to Go to Barcelona

9 best free sights of Barcelona Barcelona is one of the most favourite and visited cities in the world! Millions of people annually meet its 2000-year history, go shopping on brisk streets, walking among magnificent...

3 Hotels of the Island of Crete That Are Perfect for Solo Travelers

The best hotels of the island of Crete – the most unforgettable rest! Long since Greece attracts tourists from around the world with the delightful landscapes. The island of Crete offering to travelers incredibly magnificent...

10 Best New Boutiques for Shopping

The best places in the world for shopping Presently, many girls are shipped on shopping outward. It is necessary to tell that exactly thanks to these women of fashion, we had an opportunity to allocate...
Italy – a tourist mecca of Europe

Travel across Italy

To take a trivial example, which of us ever undertakes laborious physical exercise, except to obtain some advantage from it

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Lavender fields. To see and to fall in love

The charm of Provence is filled with lavender fields, veil with the gentle beauty from mid June and until the end of August. The Lavender...

Travel to Greece